Zika Virus in China! Zika Virus and Eye Damage

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Zika virus has been confirmed to cause eye damage in affected  babies. A recent research published in JAMA reported this, having studied some of the affected babies delivered in a clinic at Brazil. According to the researchers ‘congenital infection due to presumed Zika virus exposure was associated with vision-threatening ‘ They reported that  the majority of cases had ‘bilateral macular and perimacular lesions as well as optic nerve abnormalities.’

While speaking on this the lead researcher said their motive ‘ was to describe the ocular findings in 29 infants with microcephaly from mothers presumably infected with ZIKV during pregnancy, during an outbreak in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil’

‘These data suggest that clinicians should consider ophthalmologic evaluations of newborns from regions in the Americas where Zika virus transmission has spread rapidly to identify lesions associated with this presumed Zika virus congenital infection’ says the lead researcher .In addition,  the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that  baby should receive an ophthalmologic evaluation within a month of birth.

China also reported her first case of Zika Virus on Tuesday . The patient, a 34-year-old man, had recently returned from a trip to Venezuela, according to the Xinhua news agency.The man has been quarantined in a hospital in eastern China since the discovery.


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