If you don’t know about it you will definitely not think about it or recognize it to be a problem in some kids.

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Attention-deflicit hyperactivity disorder


If you don’t know about it you will definitely not think about it or recognize  it to be a problem in some kids. The most usual thing is for it to be overlooked or called youthful exorbitant. It is called Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. It (ADHD), one of the most common brain disorders of childhood which  affects about 1 in 10 children . This disorder reflects in the child’s attitude. The child is more aggressive, hyperactive, impulsive and non focused.


Focusing or completing a task become absolutely difficult and his teacher might invite you over to talk about her observation. the child also act without thinking and is restlessness wouldn’t make him sit down in one location. This affects studies as his often distracted. even though ADHD started in early childhood it can become part of the child till adult. This shows that it is also present in adult. Most times it is when discovered in their child that adults get to know they have it. 

What causes ADHD remains uncertain but is hereditary 

Symptoms in adults ;

Sweat in the hand and feet


They act before think

Talk too loud and laugh too loud


Lack of organization 

Difficulty in completing task

Love  asking questions 

Forget things easily 

Too emotional 

Spending too much to make up for being sad. 

When this noticed in kids, it is important to visit a psychiatrist who will rule out the presence of other problems such as anxiety disorder, depression and learning disabilities. Written reports from parents, teachers and anyone who has contact with the child will be helpful for medical diagnosis. 

ADHD has no medical cure but it can be managed by working on the symptoms. The treatment includes both medicine and behavior therapy so the teachers need to be carried along. Special attention should be given to the child as he will need to be taught very closely. Whatever that can cause distralction should be eliminated . Affected kids cannot concentrate with even a minimal sound. 

ADHD affected person can live a normal life, most of them struggle  to overcome some of these symptoms and many convert the weakness to strength 

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  • Mrs Alade

    I have two kids in my class that fit into all theses features,do you think I should tell their parents?

  • Ebebe

    One of my child has some of these symptoms, plaful,eazily distracted,infact his teacher has called me to he get scared at the sound or sudden appearances to the class. We have to teach him repeatedly before he understands, but the kind of questions he normally asked at times would suggest he should be brilliant. Although out of books questions.like’where do people go when they die? Is four years old.He asked me of recent if I can buy another brother for him when his elder brother beat him so hard.Do you think .what do you think doc?

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