How to win Back an Estranged Heart.

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Some marriages never get to this point, but many marriages do get to this stage. One thing at this juncture is to be ready for anything that comes your mind. Remember it doesn’t just jump to this stage. So many issues locked and interlocked would have been surfacing. There are two possibilities here. The fact that your spouse might really be gone for good or you are able to win the heart back.

I have recognized two majors type of heart estrangement. Peripheral and No return. 

In the case of Pheripheral, the heart is half way in and half way out of the relationship. He still comes home to sleep at least but you obviously notice the distance and that he is struggling to be with you. The causes of these attitude are two.
He might wants you to change certain things which he would been complaining about OR

Some ladies are out there .You are not the person on his heart at that moment . Somebody somewhere is getting all the attention. At this point everything about the home irritates him. Even though he comes home to sleep most time you are just too helpless to win him back. What to do?
Winning an estranged heart into the relationship could be practically difficult and most times need divine interventions especially in case of heart estrangement of no return . I really don’t want to be religious here,but watch out for tomorrow article about ‘modernized diabolic ‘
You must never give up on your man,his yours and you must try every approach to win him back. You must do everything that comes to your mind! Except Jealousy as this can drive to kill. I will recommend the following but you know him better.

Approach one :Never stay too long on any approach : What works for A might not work for you. A woman once felt keeping quiet would bring back his estranged husband but it never did. In fact that became her permanent attitude while hubby comes home very late or not at all.

Another woman once felt cooking more varieties at home would work. It might work if food was the cause of the  estrangement. The estrangement due to the influence of another woman on your husband is the worst thing that could happen in a marital relationship . So be ready to try different approaches .You just have to keep trying until you win him back.

Approach two : Wake him up very early to talk to him. If he gets annoyed apologize over and over again. Observe if there is any change for two weeks. He might change in the first week,if he does kudos to you, you are a step ahead. The problem here is that since you can’t keep waking him up all the time, after some times he might go back.if he does moves to approach three.

Approach three : Not a word of Nag: Can you pretend you don’t care about his recent attitude ? During this period start doing extra activities and let him see how hot and sexy you are. This time around no complaints. Feed him, smile as if there is nothing on your mind, jist with him,just free him. There are two things that could happen here; he might be happy his wife has accepted the situation or feels somebody is eyeing his wife. If the former happens too bad,you have to move to approach four . If is the latter that happens ‘well done’ You finally caught his attention. What remains is management. He would wants to follow you to places to be sure no one is admiring his wife.Approach three should not last more than two months !In case of relapse move to four. 

Approach Four is to be strict this time around . It is not nagging but being discipline. ‘look at the time you are coming in’ Use sentiment if you have to ‘ the kids waited for you before they slept off’ All these strictness should be done in a cool voice,not nagging but talking sense in a more discipline manner. Keep doing this every day you will see improvement, he will keep adjusting and as he does, treat him well so that if he has any reason for comparison he would choose you over and over again.

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