New world is here!!! What would you change if you could alter certain gene in your system?

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Pharmaceutical Companies on the Mark of Creating a new world with New Gene Editing-CRISPR

The recent technology which is the talk of the town is ‘Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic repeat’; a gene editing tool that has the capability to change the world in a way we have never seen it before. Alteration of human genome is no long a dream but now a reality with CRISPR.

According to D news, the drug based CRISPR has received scientist approval for ethical fitness .The drug when created will be capable to create new era of genetic perfected in humans, plants and animals. It will be capable of blood arrangement and disorder with editing technology, formulate high yield crops, edit hereditary trait, pick sex, change skin colors, create transgenic mosquito insects to counter male mosquito with anti-malaria gene.


Editas Medicine and Intellia Therapeutics are the two companies starting up this drug. They aim that the drugs will be capable to solve so many medical issues which still remain unsolved to current technology. CRISPR technology will be able to remove cells from the body, alter the DNA, and then reintroduce the cells into the body. It can also be used to engineer diseases into the body.

While this technology could be advantageous in reducing diseases, the danger and potential side effects are also being looked into. Among the worries is the inability to edit only targeted DNA. ‘Once the system is specific enough, there could be several ways to get it into the right cells, such as by using viral vectors or nanoparticles. Delivering it to the right tissue might be as simple as licensing a syringe for injecting into the eyeball, or a stent for delivering the drug to the heart’.

In MIT article, the writer observes and confirms that ‘none of the pharmaceutical companies have been able to tackle all the three challenges of the new technology which are ‘delivering the drug to the tissue, the cells, and to the target sequence with the necessary specificity”

CRISPR may be used to alter future generations! This has always been the plans to the scientists. ‘At the National Academy of Sciences meeting held in December last year in Washington DC, one of their agenda was ”germ-line engineering ” which means that science should be able to correct genetic defects in Sperm, eggs, or embryo. This is now possible with CRISPR. ‘Alteration of genes against future disease and genetic enhance in which genes are installed or modified to change a person’s appearance or physical or mental potential’ and ‘embryonic DNA correctness are all what this new science will achieve’.

Presently about 40 countries have banned the genetic engineering of human embryos and out of the 22 European countries only 7 countries accepted germ line modification.

ISIS is concerned over the safety and ethics of CRISPR after some team of researchers used the technology to create ‘genetically modified human embryos’.

We could take a critical observation of this development both the positive and negative aspects of it, sure this will solve so many medical issues but the negative sides are left for you readers to debate.



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