‘Diamond Bank VOTC has reached out to over 3,000 schools in Lagos’,Churches Harbor Lassa Fever Patient in Lagos,Pregnant woman had womb abruption inside a cell

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Churches Harbor Lassa Fever Patient in Lagos

Another Lassa fever death has occurred on Wednesday in Lagos of a lady who had travelled to Edo State for a function. This is the second death in Lagos both having visited Edo State. The deceased was 27 years old, died shortly after she was transferred to Ijede General Hospital. She had reportedly visited 3 churches for healing before admitted to a private clinic where she was later transferred her to Ijede General Hospital. Four people are presently been affected with Lassa fever in Lagos.

Diamond Bank VOTC has reached out to over 3,000 schools in Lagos

The Diamond Bank’s Vision of the Child has received several recommendations from dignitaries and Lagos State government at the 2016 edition held in Lagos

The painting and literary arts competition which started in 2012, shows the bank’s commitment towards ensuring a brighter future for children. While speaking on the initiative, the deputy governor of Lagos State; Dr. Idiat Adebule said the VOTC should be appalled for ‘promoting education through creative thinking, literary arts and painting skills. The vision is in tune with our educational policy in Lagos State and the government has participated actively in it since inception.’’ She said ‘the platform enables the children to express their understanding of the world they live in and VOTC in collaboration with Ministry of Education has reached out to over 3000 schools in Lagos.’

Also present at the occasion was Professor Wole Soyinka; the first Africa’s Nobel Laureate.

Pregnant woman had womb abruption inside a cell

A pregnant woman by the name Mrs Taiwo who was allegedly owing a man N4.5m was locked up inside the police cell in Lagos. The female DPO who refused to release her said she was acting on ‘order from above’ We hope the commissioner of police and other legal entities will act fast on this case.

Invention of Portable Ventilation Device

Dr. Dayo Olakunlehin founder of LigandCorp; an organization that develops and promotes innovative medical devices, has invented a rechargeable ventilator for patients with respiratory challenges. According to him D-Box device can work for 12 hours without electricity ‘unlike the existing sophisticated ventilator that is not mobile and cannot be used without electricity’ While speaking on the reason why he created the product, he narrated one of his experience while in LUTH in 2012; where he had to manually ventilate a four years old boy for 4 minutes who later passed away when he fell asleep.




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