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Begin every new day with breakfast. Breakfast helps to get rid of  hunger attacks, so skipping it  is not recommended. Breakfast activates the metabolism, including the fat burning process. Cereal, cottage cheese, eggs , saturate well in the body.Decrease in appetite conducive to normal water. You need just one cup of water. Before dinner, especially before the festive meal with plenty of food and drink, it is better to drink a glass of raw mineral or mineral without gas water – it will help reduce the amount of eaten portions. Nutritionists recommend drinking 40 ml unboiled water per 1 kg of weight.In the kitchen, remove all temptations.

Do not start cooking if you’re really hungry, first have a raw carrot or fruit for snack. Try to take a sample from the dishes as little as possible, because with a small spoon you can eat a huge portion, hence then the problem of excess weight.

Try to cook more unleavened food. It is known that salty food is much tastier than unleavened, so you can invisibly eat it more. Nowadays there are a huge selection of spices on sale to replace salt. For sweet lovers is recommended to replace sugar in the dessert with cinnamon or vanilla.

If you cannot stay without food for a long time, it is recommended to eat every 2 hours, but little by little. Note: The main food intake is necessary for lunch and breakfast. Dinner should be light. At intervals you can arrange a light, low-calorie snacks – it might be fruit, yogurt, cottage cheese or low-fat yogurt. After the meal, try to brush your teeth, if possible because the taste of food remained in your mouth can cause appetite.


The main ration of vegetarians are vegetables, plus they provide a feeling of satiety (as we have already mentioned in the article – about diets in general, and on vegetable diet in particular). Try every time to use them during the meal, at least a little. Daily consumption of vegetables in any form (stewed, steamed, raw, and boiled) should not be less than 300 g. They help to cope with the desire to eat to satiety.

When you do not know what to do and suffer from idleness, start chewing something to engage your mouth. Remember that you cannot eat while reading or watching television, it threatens you with overeating. Taking food while standing or on the move, can easily eat more than the norm too.

Eat slowly, chew food thoroughly. The body requires 20 minutes to reach the signal of satiety from the stomach to the brain. Never run at food: in this case you just swallow the food in large pieces, it is not practically absorbed, but on the plate it finishes very quickly.

Try to think about diet every day. It must leave 80% of the total daily diet for lunch and breakfast. Try to include bean cultures and fish to the daily menu. It will help to lower cholesterol, and to improve digestion. Bean cultures quickly saturate the stomach, and the fish is rich in calcium.

Walking is recommended to do before meals, but not after it. Otherwise you will be waking up an appetite.

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Coffee and alcohol should not be abused. Liquor reduction will, and on the contrary, increase appetite. Coffee grains contribute to the awakening of hunger.

Use your imagination. If you feel that you are hungry, and you are ready to eat a whole sheep, remember how you blamed yourself after the last attack of gluttony. Immediately imagine yourself in the expected look, for example, in a beautiful evening gown. Do not doubt: appetite will pass by itself. Get Inspiration from other people’s success; if others can, then you can certainly!

Try to sleep more. Good sleep favors the production of hormones that accelerate the metabolism.

Be beautiful and healthy!


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