Is Zika Virus Occurrences Manipulated?

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One of the site reader called my attention to our post on ‘new world is here‘ and feels the recent Zika out break is manipulated. It is true that the recent CRISPR has the capacity to produce male mosquito insects to counter Aedes aegypti which transmit Zika Virus but  I don’t see any manipulation here. Better still let’s leave this open for further comments. Some of the recents technology that WHO wants to explore for the eradication of Aedes aegypti are also scientific related(not implying) 

Zika virus isn’t a new virus and it’s existence was dated as far back as 1947 in Uganda in a rhesus monkey ‘through monitoring network of sylvatic’ and was found in humans in 1952. However what is new here is the severe birth defects during pregnancy with thousands of babies affected already and many more in the pipeline. WHO has considered the options of using any new technologies which can help to route out these ‘opportunistic’  mosquitoes from our society. These include the following ;


This involves the mass release of Male insects that have been sterilized by low doses of radiation. ‘When sterile male mate,  the female’ s  eggs are not viable and the insect population dies out’ said WHO. This has been successfully used by Atomic Energy Agency to control farm pests. 

Biological method 

This according to WHO is the most promising method which uses male mosquitoes ‘carrying the naturally occurring wolbachia bacteria which are found in 60% common insects including butterflies and fruits flies’ This  means a male Aedes aegypti would have to be available. 


‘Although fogging to kill adult mosquito provides the most visible evidence that a government is taking action’ says WHO. Wiping out these mosquitoes with this approach would have been ideal but it has some limitations. WHO insists it can only be used for ’emergency situations only ‘

Genetically modified prototype mosquito 

‘For genetically modified mosquitoes the WHO Advisory Group has recommended that further field trials and risk assessment to evaluate the impact of this new tool on disease transmission.’ The past trials conducted with this method showed a drastic reduction of these mosquitoes in Cayman Island. 

The most important thing right now is eradicating these deadly mosquitoes from this planet CRISPR or Scientific.  Don’t you feel so? 



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  • Tayo

    ‘Not implying’but it’s a true reflection of what is happening, am seeing a desperate attempt of the scientists to impose new technology on everyone, but I think they should be careful people are more exposed now.

  • Wale

    The current situation at hand now is an emergency and whatever has to be done must be done with urgency before you know it,zika virus will be everywhere. It truly looks like a manipulation but we are at this point now and solutions are needed.

  • Segun

    When there are no problems there are no solutions,it appears to be,but will like to give a benefit of doubt.

  • Adejoke

    I don’t think is a manipulated attempt. So many risks are involved, I don’t think science will go that far.

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