Should women have access to husbands’ phone?

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Should women have access to husbands’ phone?

I got this message from one of my social media and I was like ‘oh my God’ This should be the least of this person’s problem.

What we are doing here is to help couples and individual live a healthy lifestyle ;medically and psychologically . We recently introduced relationship segment because of the increase in depression among couples in marriages.

I really want a reaction to the  message below :



‘Hi ronke I know you deal with health issues which is quite good and helpful but at d same time I will like to advise that any issue that concerns a particular people should be addressed to such only. Like the issue of ‘what does vigina smell like?‘this issue is peculiar to women only.i was embarrassed when I saw such topic on my husband phone. U should have sent it to d females in ur contact so Pls any issue that is not in d interest of some people shouldn’t be sent to them. Tnks’

Do you agree with her?

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  • Mrs Alade

    Am rolling with laughter here, maybe she knows how beautiful the site admin of emobileclinic is.That on a lighter note,vagina has no other name than vaginal, and if it smells it concerns both husband and wife. And on the question,anywoman who wants peace of mind should not even move closer to her husband phone.

  • Jadesola

    Women and pretense, what is wrong with vagina,haven’t we all been reading about sperm,ball,prostrate cancer? I just read the topic and sincerely if that topic was titled female infections it won’t do.

  • Ade

    Even if the message wasn’t shared,your husband will come here to read it once he is a fan of the site.Some issues are better left unsaid. I used to allow my wife access to my phone,but not anymore after some pretty troubles

  • Jide

    My wife has access to my phone and I have access to her phone. Although it caused trouble in the beginning but since I know what she doesn’t want to see I tidy up well now.

  • Tuntun

    Even if he begs me to look o will close my eye,isnt the best in marriage.

  • Femi

    Noooo,women should not,in this case maybe the husband showed her.

  • Uche

    I honestly think some women are too petite,sure she didn’t read the post.

  • Lara

    If here husband can be excused,no issue here. She obviously feels uncomfortable with the word vaginal

  • Tayo

    You know why medical site isn’t common in Nigeria? Because people don’t want to start something new, more so, medicine is difficult to interpret at times,but this website actually makes me feel like I should have read medicine, they simplify topics for readers, that post is the best out all write ups in terms of heading, and this website makes medicine easy. I love for their originality.

  • Yejide

    Not married,but I do visit here, no big deal in how vagina smell.

  • Thompson

    This is serious, if she reacted like this to health,what will she do to a message from gfee!!Husband is in serious trouble.

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