Plenty consumption of fish in pregnancy linked to obesity in kids

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Women that consumed plenty fishes  in pregnancy may be exposing their babies to obesity as found in a recent research which understudied 26,000 women and their children after birth. Experts are of the opinion that it is not the fish itself that is causing this risk, some fishes are prone to certain harmful elements like mercury in certain environment.

The research could not acertained the type of fish that increases the risk of obesity in kids . While reacting to this research,  some nutritionists were not surprised. Fish intake has prior been regulated to 3 times a week by  US food and drugs administration  with certain specification of fishes mentioned as having  higher exposure to mercury. 

Some nutritionists are of the opinion that since we can’t be 100% sure that our fishes are toxin free, pregnant women might want to reduce fish intake or non at all until delivery. 


JAMA Pediatric 

Erin Keane., R. D  Nutritionists at Lennox Hill Hospital, NY

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