How do you console a friend who just got to know her husband has kids with two other women?

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She was too depressed and I could feel every bit of what she is feeling right now. She just got to know her husband has two sons out there. Could this be because she has a daughter? I got to know her few weeks ago. she had called me to know about  IVF maybe she could be lucky to have a son. She is one of the most pretty face  have seen in recent time. We became so close instantly that we always talk everyday. I honestly do not know what I would have done if I were in her shoes, but I want to strongly believe that I would have been calmed as I adviced her to be. Man would naturally expect you to raise the roof over this.

Yeah! they would think you could poison them or shoot or stab them while asleep over this. Baby mamas would be expecting vacancy too. Yes, “she would pack out once she knows we have kids for her husband”! They are all jokers! Day dreamers! By the time they realize their dubious actions yielded nothing, they will be doomed and their frustration will be nothing compared to what you are feeling presently.

Apart from being calm in this situation, leaving your husband isn’t an option. If you leave you would have made those baby mama’s plan work. The truth is that the urge to pack out is so strong most especially if the man in question isn’t  remorseful, but even in the midst of his behavior don’t go. If he comes home, cook his meal and if he refuses to eat your food ask him why he is not. Oh! he said you would have poisoned the food? Eat out of it!. You know what? Just eat out of it in his presence even if he doesn’t say it!

Are you trying to pamper him when he should be the other way round? No. You only telling him that your home means so much to you! Dealing with a unfaithful man with a stony heart takes your extra efforts to appeal to his conscience. You are still very angry here and the man doesn’t even care. You don’t even feel like you want him back in your life too, but try to hold on. 

Women are the strongest and beautiful creature God ever made and you are just one of them. Remember those kids outside are bastards and whatever way  you choose to  handle this matter will determine your husband’s action. He might wants those kids in! So hold on, not a word now.You will later be the one to determine those other women’s fate!

Are you thinking of reporting this to his family? Should you? Not now. For all you care,one or two people will know about this in his family. Hold on, not a word except if he is missing!Then you can report this to the nearest police station and also inform his parents.

If everything will normalize? Things cannot be the same again. This is one scar you will live it for the rest of your life.As painful as this is, you have forgiven him even when he hasn’t asked you for forgiveness,that is how big and beautiful a woman(a good wife) heart his. “He who find a wife finds a good thing”. 

Are you still annoyed? Yes you are and only time would heal the  wound in your heart. If he asks for forgiveness,it helps with quick recovery. 

To men,

We know most of  you cheat,we know you get tired of sleeping with one woman all the time,but you know what? We feel the same way too! We get tired of sleeping with you too! but we still stick around  to build our home! If you must cheat, must it degenerate into oral sex at the risk of your home? Just think about that woman who has been faithful to you against all odd in her entire life before you commit that grievous mistake.


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