Rampant Kidnapping of Medical Doctors in Rivers!

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A nurse who reportedly treated a Lassa fever patient died today in Nasarawa, Northern part of Nigeria. The nurse by the name Oshafu Ibrahim was a matron at the Casualty and Emergency Unit at Dalhatu Araf Specialist Hospital until her death. This further emphasizes the need for health practitioners to follow all necessary due medical processes before attending to any patients.

More awareness and enlightenment are required on Lassa fever, this will help to curb the spread in rural places. Dr.Joseph Gabriel of Federal Medical center made this plea on Tuesday in Kogi State. Every states need to start a massive campaign on Lassa fever as this medical issue is still unknown in rural area. Ekiti State government has notably started this campaign and we hope other states will follow suit.

Doctors in Rivers State protested over the incessant kidnapping of members. This is a terrible situation and we hope the commissioner of police (Musa Kimo)will be on top of this as promised. For the record, doctors are just civil servant who earn salaries every month like every other civil servants . Why are they the targets? Just wondering!

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