‘Adding pork to DASH diets will help to reduce blood pressure’

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Diet approach to reduce Hypertension (DASH) has always been an important measure to control high blood pressure as it has been observed that DASH lower cardiovascular and kidney disease and premature mortality with diet approach. The DASH diet’ emphasizes increased consumption of fruit and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, nuts, and poultry and fish and reduced intakes of fats, red meats,(pork) sodium, and added sugars.’

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A recent study suggests that adding pork to DASH diets will help to reduce blood pressure. The results of the study indicated ‘ that adults with elevated BP may effectively incorporate lean pork into a DASH-style diet for BP reduction. The researchers was able to come to this conclusion by evaluating the consumption of lean pork against the consumption of chicken and fish as the predominant source of protein in a DASH-style diet for people with affected blood pressure (BP).

They made use of 13 women and 6 men between the age of 59 to 61 with elevated BP – systolic blood pressure /diastolic blood pressure who consumed a DASH-style diet for two 6 weeks and substituted DASH protein (fish and chicken) with pork for 4weeks. The blood pressure was measured at various intervals; SBP and DBP were measured manually with a 24-h BP monitoring system on 3 day before and 3days at the end of each diet intervention.
The result shows that DASH diets with pork reduces blood pressure than DASH diet with fish and chicken (122/79 against 130/84).



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