Lassa Fever enters Lagos!!!

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Lagos Sate government has confirmed the death of a 51 years man at Mainland Hospital in Yaba, Lagos. The man who recently returned from Edo State from a public function (wedding) developed the fever shortly after his return.


He was firstly admitted to Divine Medical center Ikoyi before he was transferred to Maryland hospital where he died. He lived in Ilasan, Lekki. Medical experts are not ruling out Lassa fever as an airborne unlike Ebola. One of them spoke about the risk of Lassa fever exposure to medical health givers and their immediate family. According to him, 80% of a surgical team could be affected with Lassa fever.

He agrees that people can get Lassa fever even through the sneeze of an infected person. Dr. Sola Shobowale, a consultant microbiologist from Bacook University attributed some of the recent medical out breaks to ecological disruption as a result of urbanization and he advocates for ‘control urbanization’.

A recently developed drugs by United States Military of research institute of infectious disease has been tested to have successfully worked on Guinea pigs but has not been tested in human beings. We hope this will be achieved very soon. Plateau state government has also confirmed 5 cases of Lassa fever.

The Federal government has released a public Health emergency number which the general public can call in case of any medical emergency. 097000010-19


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