I have a very painful sore in my mouth that comes every 2months

QUESTIONS; I have a very painful sore in my mouth that comes every 2months,it lasts for a week and reappear .It makes me uncomfortable and I cant eat well when it comes,what can I do ?
Doctors response: Recurrent Aphthous ulcer constitute the most common oral mucosal disease. Factors thought to constitute to its cause are: Genetic,Trauma,infection,haematological deficiencies, stress among others..It is important to get on a chat with us to determine if it is a single or multiple ulcer..However,some blood investigations will help us rule out haematological deficiencies. It is important to know that the disease will eventually resolve on its own but we can make some drug prescription  that can help you alleviate the pain,reduce the duration and discomfort..Talk to us for more information.

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