My tongue is very red and has sore all over

Question: Doctor I observed some changes in my tongue. My tongue is very red and  has sore all over.  I showed it to one of my doctor friend who said it was Glossitis. Please kindly explain further.

Doctors Response: Glossitis is the term used to describe red,smooth and sore tongue.Glossitis can be caused by vitamin B group deficiency,candidosis (a fungal infection).Iron deficiency and pernicious anaemia are the main causes. Women are more frequently affected.. if you have Glossitis talk to your doctor. Some blood investigations will be requested and appropriate medications can be given. For questions related to other Tongue disorders write us.

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  • florence

    My tongue is as though I have pepper in there.the pharmacist advised me to take vitamin C and folic acid..

    • Doctor eMobile

      Thanks for sending in your question. its important we know a little more detail about your condition. Are you male or female? Does the condition get worse with ur period if u’re female,is the tongue swollen and is there change in color? Any other oral manifestation? Click on our consultation column,lets get talking.
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