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It’s been revealed that people who work more than usual consume more alcohol. According to a study, workers who put in more than 48 hours of service per week engage in heavy alcohol consumption. This is definitely not Nigerian researchers! An average employee spend minimum of 8 to 12 hours daily in Nigeria! If 48hours is termed overworked abroad that means our Labour law needs to be strictly looked into. Long hours of stay in the office has no positive influence on productivity, not profitable to the organization and not beneficial to the health of the workers.

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The researchers did a massive analysis of the study by analyzing 61 studies in addition to studying a total numbers of 330,000 workers from 14 countries (UK, US, Australia, Germany etc.) and find out ‘people who work 48 hours a week drink more heavily and are more likely to develop risky levels of alcohol consumption,’ This is the largest study ever to observe the working patterns of workers in relation to alcohol intakes. The result shows that those who work longer increase their alcohol consumption by 11% than those who work according to standard of 40hours per week.

Another researcher; ‘Marianna Virtanen of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health in Helsinki and her colleagues found that people who work for 49 to 54 hours a week were 13 per cent more likely to start drinking at high “risky” levels. This is defined as 14 drinks a week for women, and 21 drinks a week for men.’ A lot of Nigerian workers fall under this category to say the least, but am aware that some workers stay more than 54 hours at work per week! Also aware that some spend weekend at work!

Some previous studies associated long hours at work with unhealthy lifestyle, such as low physical activity, smoking, sleeplessness, high pressure and migraine.

Altogether, researchers are saying a longer working hours per week is associated with heavy drinking regardless of gender, geographical region or socioeconomic group.

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Let’s re write this article using Nigeria employee please.

Work smart, saves time, drink less and rest well for health sake – emobileclinic


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