My son of 7 years suddenly developed a very high fever

Question :Quick one doctor, my son of 7 years suddenly developed a very high fever. He was very okay until he slept off on the sofa after returning from school; no cough, no headache or pain and no other signs. As I woke him up, his temperature was just abnormally high; he was just reminiscing his activities in the school before he came back to his sense. I took him to the bath and pour water on his body to bring down the temperature. He keeps asking for water to drink and told me he didn’t feel sick and that I shouldn’t take him to the hospital. What can I do more?

Doctor: A fever above 104F can cause seizures in young children and the fact that he briefly lost touch of consciousness means the temperature was high. The most important thing at the moment is bringing the temperature down with mild water using a towel. Then put a call to your doctor for further prescription .You should constantly observe your boy to avoid such occurrence. A fever or high temperature is not an illness but a pointer to certain conditions mostly infection. In children, other symptoms like sore, vomiting, diarrhea, cough are usually friendly with fever. It is important to relate all these symptoms to your doctor. Fever could be as a result of malaria in mosquito invested environment or rocky mountain spotted area. A fever of an unknown cause could be an unusual or not obvious condition such as a chronic infection or a connective tissue disorder or cancer or any problem.

Antibiotic are usually used to treat fever caused by bacterial infection and malaria treated if tested to be present. Most cases of high fever in Africa follow this pattern. Acetaminophen and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs could be prescribed in addition.

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Call your doctor for prescription or consult the site pediatrician for one

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  • Ok, the Doc said it all. In cases of high temperature, the first thing to do is to lower the temperature by dabbing the body with a towel dipped in cold water and maybe giving the kid the required dose of pain killer (like half tablet or one tablet of paracetamol)

    After which u seek immediate medical attention. Thumbs up, Doc

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