High blood pressure in pregnancy may later lead to heart problem

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High blood pressure during pregnancy may signify eventual presence of metabolic syndrome (MS) according to a new study as published on journal of hypertension  . MS increases woman’s chances of having heart disease. It is a condition with signs such as abdominal obesity ,high triglycerides, low level of good HDL cholesterols,high blood pressure and high sugar level.

About 507 pregnant women were studied before the author was able to come to this conclusion. Among these women , those with high blood pressure during pregnancy had their risk increased by 6.5 times over those with normal blood pressure. According to the lead author, Dr. Jian-Min Niu, of Guangdong Women and Children Hospital in China, their “findings underscore an important issue that has been long ignored in clinical practice — the fact that criteria for hypertension in pregnancy are derived from the general population. We anticipate that if reaffirmed in further research, our study could spark a change in what we currently deem healthy blood pressure in pregnant women,” he said

This is one research that he encouraged every center to do as  blood pressure check in pregnancy is a normal routine. This same information will be used to verify what his study has found and help to take necessary steps for the management of MS in women with high blood pressure during pregnancy to avoid stroke later.

He strongly believes that if this is detected early ,various women with high risk of MS would take conscious effort to maintain a healthy life style which will ” delay the onset of cardiovascular disease” in 20 to 30 years after delivery.


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