Endometriosis associated with presence of Fat in some certain parts of females’Body

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A recent study in green journal examined the association of body fat distribution with risk of endometriosis in an effort to determine whether a specific presence of fat in some parts of the body is related to the disease. The researchers studied some affected women with endometriosis with special focus on the presence of fat in the hip, waist and thigh.

The lead researcher gathered ’88 laparoscopically confirmed cases of endometriosis and ’88 age-matched friend controls’. ‘The data were collected by standardized personal interview, and body measurements were taken in a standardized fashion’ by one of the researchers . The woman were studied using the ‘risk of endometriosis associated with body fat distribution, as expressed by waist-to-hip and waist-to-thigh ratios’ ¬†Logistic regression was used to assess the women, says the lead researcher.

The results show a relationship in body fat and endometriosis in some sets of women. There were ¬†45 cases of women under 30years old and the new research said in these women ‘endometriosis was inversely related to both waist-to-hip ratio in an’ odds ratio 6.18, 95% confidence interval [CI] 2.01-19.01 and waist-to-thigh ratio in an ‘odds ratio 3.64, 95% CI 1.23-10.78). This effect was not evident among women aged 30 years and older (43 cases, 42 controls).’

The researchers concluded that the results suggest a specific somatotype with a predominance of peripheral body fat among women with endometriosis. The researchers are of the opinion that the study will provide information useful in both the diagnosis and understanding of the disease etiology.

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