Sleeping Difficulties Linked with Diabetes

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Having Trouble Sleeping? Experts are saying you should check your Blood Sugar

Diabetes type 2 is said to be associated to sleeping difficulties says a recent research. This is ascertained after a research studied 133,354 women with no diabetes for a period of 10 years. Some studies had earlier associated sleeping difficulties with diabetes type 2 but the Yanping Li, the lead researcher said theirs ‘highlight the importance of sleep disturbance in the development and prevention of type 2 diabetes. According to her other factors such as hypertension, BMI and depression symptoms was noticed in combination.
Emphasis was also placed on the duration of sleep.

The A professor of nutrition and epidemiology at Harvard said ‘it’s not just quantity of sleep, but quality as well’

Under the period of the study, 6,407 cases of type 2 diabetes was discovered. There was higher discoveries of diabetes with women who reported four certain sleeping conditions (sleeping difficulty, frequent snoring, sleep duration of less than 6 hours and sleep apnoea ‘or rotating shift work’ says the researchers. 


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