Causes and management of Hives

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Hives are allergic reaction resulting in itching or rash from foods, use of medications and irritation from chemical or other substance which can be pinkish or reddish in colour and painful. It could be acute or chronic depending on the severity and occurrence of the condition.
Hives can be small and round, ring-shaped or large and random shape.


They are primarily caused by allergic reaction to swallowed or contacted object.
Excessive secretion of histamine
Wearing cloth that are too tight
Sickness or illness




Allergic Reactions: occur when one is sensitive to dust mites, pollen, foods (milk and egg), insect bites and medications such as antibiotics.
Anaphylaxis: occurs when there is breathing disorder, nausea and severe inflammation with itchy and rashes. It is a fatal medical condition.
Chronic Hives: occur when there is inference in the lifestyle of a person. It is usually associated with certain underlying health disorders such as lupus, type 1 diabetes and thyroid disease.
Dermatographism: occurs when there is too much starching on the body which usually goes off with or without treatment.
Temperature-Induced Hives: occur when certain weather condition such as cold or heat influences the formation of hives.
Infection-Induced Hives: urinary tract infections, hepatitis, strep throat are possible causes of hives which can be either bacterial or viral infections.



The diagnosis can be made when the doctor examined the patient physically which may informed the recommendation of certain test such as blood and skin tests to known the underlying cause of the hives.

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Use of antihistamines medications
Desist from using hot water which may worsen the hives
Bathe with baking soda and lukewarm water
Take steroid drugs or injection in case of anaphylaxis.



Desisting from use of tight cloth
Avoid staying in high-humidity areas
Stay off certain activities that have been identified as causes of the hives

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