An immune system disorder characterized with a clump of swollen cells in the body organs-Sarcoidosis

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One of the several conditions of the body arising as a result of immune response to perceived threat is sarcoidosis. Sarcoidosis is an immune system disorder characterized with a clump of swollen cells in the body organs. It affected the lungs, skin, liver, brain, heart, spleen and lymph nodes. The condition is prevalent in women than men and its main cause is not known. No permanent cure exists for the treatment of the condition.

The general symptoms of sarcoidosis are as follows:
Abdominal inflammation
Weakness and fatigue
Loss of significant weight
Dry mouth
Joint discomfort and pain

It must be stated that some people with sarcoidosis may show no symptoms. Also, while the condition may affect any organ of the body, the lungs remain the most vulnerable. Therefore, the common symptoms when the lung is affected include dry cough, breathing difficulty, chest pain and wheezing. When the nervous system is affect, seizures, headaches, loss of hearing
Some symptoms may also be evident on the skin and they are: skin rashes, sores, hair loss and raised scars.
Itchy eyes, painful eyes, dry eyes and burning sensation are some of the associated symptoms if the eye is affected by sarcoidosis.




The physical examination of the patient by the doctor to check for rashes on the skin, check both hearts and lungs sound, examine for enlarged spleen and inflamed lymph nodes. The doctor may request for chest X-ray, Chest CT scan, lung function test, kidney test and biopsy to have proper diagnosis of the condition.

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Available treatment option includes using anti-inflammatory medications and other common treatments relating to eyes, lungs and heart as may be prescribed by the doctor.



Possible Complications
Lung infection
Abnormal heart beat
Kidney failure
Breathing disorder
Loss of vision
Facial paralysis and numbness

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