Causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Carpel tunnel syndrome is a term used to describe a condition characterized with the numbness, tingling and discomfort in the thumb, wrist and the hand. The discomfort arises from the additional pressure on the wrist and the median nerve.



Fractured wrist
Retention of fluid during pregnancy
Thyroid dysfunction
High blood pressure
Rheumatoid arthritis



Predisposing factors

Gender: women are more prone to the condition than men

Disease condition: people with diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis have higher risk of developing the condition.

Lifestyle: People who smoke, consume more salt and having high body mass index are vulnerable to developing the condition.

Occupation: Typists, Keyboardists, Construction workers and other related associated recurring wrist movement have increase risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.




Painful wrist that causes sleep disorder at night
Pain and burning sensation within the arm
Numbness and tingling in the thumb
Hand muscles weakness

The diagnosis can be made after reviewing the patient medical history and through physical examination by the doctor including detailed evaluation of the hands, wrists, arms, shoulder and neck to find possible causes of nerve pressure.




Use of appropriate medication to manage underlying conditions causing carpal tunnel syndrome such as diabetes and arthritis
Desist from conditions that make the wrist extend extremely
Use of drugs and steroid injection to minimize inflammation
Surgical intervention in case of median curve damage.



A change in lifestyle plays signification role in averting the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Regular physical therapy can also help in preventing the development of the condition.

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