An Apple per Day May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

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A recent research from Cornell University says eating one Apple daily will reduce the chances of having breast cancer. Apple is a fruit that is available and affordable in Nigeria . Over time , it has been proven that fruits and vegetables are very important as good source of diet as they have the capacity to reduce chronic diseases with their antioxidants chemical know as photochemical which are highly beneficial to the heart . Fruits, vegetables, whole grains are all in this category.

The researchers studied the fruit chemical’s effects and it capacities to fight against heart disease, cancer, and preventing diseases such as cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, and diabetes.
The researchers emphasize on the importance of antioxidants either as a pill or in fruits and concludes that “No single antioxidant can replace the combination of natural phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables in achieving ultimate health benefits,” . “The pure compounds either lose their bioactivities in isolation or may not behave the same way as the compound in complex whole foods.
“Our findings suggest that consumers may gain more significant health benefits from including whole foods in their balanced diet than from more expensive dietary supplements, which do not contain the same array of balanced, complex components.

The researchers made use of rats in this research. They gave rats a chemical to induce breast cancer. The scientists also brewed extracts made from Red Delicious apples, which are commonly found in grocery stores across America.The researchers tested three doses of the extract. For humans, the doses equaled eating one, three, or six apples per day.After 24 weeks, breast tumor rates were 17% lower in the rats receiving the low dose of the apple extract, 39% lower with the medium dose, and 44% lower with the high dose.

The number of tumors also dropped to 25% with the low dose, 25% with the medium dose, and 61% with the high dose.

Tumors also took longer to show up in the rats receiving the apple extract. The tumors appeared within 11 weeks in rats that didn’t get the extract. But tumors appeared by 12 weeks in rats on the low and medium doses, and by 13 weeks in those on the high dose.
The extracts “effectively inhibited” breast cancer in rats, says science professor Rui Hai Liu, PhD, MD, MS, and colleagues. “Thus, consumption of apples may be an effective strategy for cancer protection,” he said. We know rats are aren’t human beings and when we add one or two of our life style to the results am very sure there will be an an influence;talking about habits such as smoking,alcohol.
Not promising that apples will keep humans free of breast cancer. But I think it is worth trying.

SOURCES: Liu, R. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

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