Some years ago, this was a very popular slang used by robbers. Their appearance was always very sudden with intention of either to steal or kill; both a worst choice. I really do not think anyone faced with that choice would think about what the answer would be.

Life is very important. Even though various religion tell us  what life would be after the breath stops, but we all hold on firmly to this part of the world that we see and live in. If we value life as such then we should protect it; yes guide it jealously; it is irreplaceable.   The term ‘sudden death’ is often use wrongly by most people to describe death occurrence whose causes seem unknown to them. Our question today is how sudden is sudden death? In fact that is the topic  of discussion. The term sudden death thus is death that occur suddenly.  The word keeps repeating itself no matter how it is defined. We are of the opinion that there is nothing like it. There must be a reason while that breath stops. Medically or otherwise. The otherwise aspect of it are accidents, earthquake and other natural disaster or medical error.

Life does not stop suddenly, just like any machine would give signs and warnings when is being over worked without maintenances before it packs up. Life gives us that chances; to maintain it, repair it or use it until it stops. How do you maintain life? How do you repair it? All lies within you and what you do about those signs. How many signs of heart attack do you know as a woman or as a man? How do you treat other parts of your body when they give a sign or more? What do you do when you notice any sign? We will lay emphasis on heart attack as one of the commonest causes of ‘sudden’ death. The list are endless but we will mention and talk about few major causes in other parts of this write up.

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The symptoms of heart attack are not always the same for woman as it is with man. Women don’t always get the crushing pain men feel down to their one arm. This can sometimes happen too but there are those little ones women take for granted.

  1. Chest pain anywhere in the chest
  2. Gradual or sudden Pain in your back(arm or arms), neck or Jaw pain
  3. Stomach pain
  4. Unusual sweating
  5. Trouble with breathing
  6. Unexplained tiredness

Kindly visit your doctor if you notice any of such symptoms. You can also consult us at for all your medical needs.

Woman can maintain a healthy living by resting well, eat balanced diet, exercise (kindly check your blood pressure before exercise) and most importantly regular medical checkups. There are some medical checkup that women should do yearly likes of Pap smear (for cervical cancer), mammogram (for breast cancer) etc.

Hey guys do not be jealous. We will talk about you soon. Man should do a yearly test of Prostate specific antigen in the least.

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