Treatment of sprained ankle



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An ankle sprain occurs when the surrounding tough bands of tissues that link the bones of the leg to the foot become injured. It is an awkward turning of the ankle unknowingly.  It mostly involves injuries to the ligaments on the outside of the ankle.



The main cause of sprained ankle happens when the foot instantly twist leading to the ankle joint being taken out of its normal position. While engaging in physical activity, the ankle might twist inward due to unexpected movement which makes one or more ligaments around the ankle to stretch leading to some inflammation. Discomfort may arise when the affected area is put under intense weight.


It can happen to anyone at any age. Engaging in sporting activities, walking on rough surfaces or putting on inappropriate footwear may expose one to the risk of having this injury.



Inflammation of the affected part

Discoloration of the skin






There is need for physical examination by the doctor to know which ligaments have been torn which requires moving the ankle joint in several ways to check motion range.


Imaging tests such as X-rays may also be requested to check for fractured bone.

MRI may also be ordered if there is a serious injury to the ligaments


Using elastic bandages to hold and tighten the ankle.

Using of brace to support the ankle.

Raising the foot while resting and sleeping to minimize the inflammation

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Using crutches if needed.

Using pain relieving and anti-inflammatory drugs

Have adequate rest

Apply ice pack on the injured area so as to reduce swelling.

Surgical intervention such as reconstruction and arthroscopy in case of damaged ligaments and cartilages.

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