Causes of Protein C Deficiency & Effect

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One of the important chemical reactions needed in the body for maintaining healthy blood clotting process in the body is known as Protein C which is produced by the liver and sent into the bloodstream. Simply put, protein C controls blood clotting by obstructing other proteins that encourages coagulation.
The inability of the liver to produce sufficient amount of protein C needed by the body is referred to as protein C deficiency. In the event that the body has protein C deficiency, there will be high risk of developing blood clots which could be mild or serious.
The deficiency in protein could be inherited or acquired. Other causes include:
Receiving treatment with blood thinners
Shortage of vitamin K
Liver failure
Clotted blood
Small intestine removal
Prolong use of antibiotics without taken sufficient diet
Blood infection
Bacterial infections particularly in young people



Predisposing factors
Family history of blood clot
Lack of exercise
Blood clotting disorder



The symptoms are usually visible immediately after birth in the case of blood clot. However, there may be no symptoms in some other people until the stage of puberty. The symptoms may be linked to some complications which include:
Deep vein thrombosis
Pulmonary embolism
Pregnancy problems or disorders
Purpura fulminans
Warfarin-induced necrosis
When to Seek Medical Assistance
Blood clot is a medical emergency that requires prompt and proper medical care. It is advisable to see medical doctor if any of the following symptoms occur:
Reddish color of the skin
Pain in the arms or legs
Bloody cough
Chest pain
Breathing difficulty
Fast heart beat

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The diagnosis could only be done using blood test measure the level of protein C in the body. However, any person on warfarin treatment is exposed to having a short-lived reduction in protein C. It takes about 14 days after completing the warfarin treatment before an accurate protein c level be gotten.

Engaging in regular activity to make the body remains active.
Shedding weight in case of obesity is another treatment option.
Quit smoking
Avoid the use of contraceptives with estrogen and progestin.
Adequate health information of people with protein C deficiency must be given if one is pregnant, planning for surgery, embarking on long flight and other conditions restricting movement.



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