Reflux Symptoms misdiagnosed for Asthma in Obese Kids

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Medical doctors and other health workers have been asked to be cautious and ask valid questions to be able to differentiate between Reflux symptoms and that of Asthma. According to Dr Jason E. Lang of Nemours children’s hospital in Orlando, this will help to reduce medication overuse, side effects and unnecessary usage of asthma.

In one of his research, he found out that gastroesophageal reflux disease was always mistaken for asthma in obese kids. He wanted to believe that this was caused by ”short doctor-patient visit” but said if thorough assessment were done it couldn’t have been missed. He further advised that the use of ”objective measures and patient self report ” will help in identification of the two. ”Once we all realize that misattribution can be a problem, we can focus more  carefully on making the right diagnosis and can deploy other confirmatory testing like using spirometry or response to albuterol (rescue inhaler)” he said

He also mentioned the fact that some GER could respond to treatment with changing of life style and might not require medical treatments. However lifestyle changing ‘plus intermittent use of anti-GER may be the right choice if there is no improvement ,he said. Dr lang exercises concern over the long use of PPI ” which has been shown to worsen asthma control in patients who are slow metabolizers of the drug”





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