Do you know about the ABCS of heart?

Emobileclinic Trending Issues: High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease & Stroke 

This month is dedicated in America to Black’s heart health. It actually started in the year 1926 by Carter Wooden and it became part and parcel of history since1976. ‘After years of observing poorer health for Blacks and other minorities in comparison to Whites, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Margaret Heckler established a task force ‘to address the health disparities and make appropriate recommendations to the government. It was observed that every year the percentage of blacks that suffered heart attacks were more than the whites. It was also observed that ‘nearly half of all African American adults have some forms of cardiovascular disease that includes heart disease and stroke’ It was also observed that about 2 in 5 black American adults have high blood pressure.

Blacks are more affected by high Blood pressure, stroke and heart attack when compared to Whites.
Thus an initiative by name Million Heart was established with the aim to prevent 1 million heart attacks and stroke by 2017 by combining clinical and preventive method using ABCS. The initiative educates on management of high blood pressure, heart attacks and stroke. CDC speaks on this accordingly.

A stands for appropriate aspirin therapy for those who need it

B stands for Blood pressure control

C stands for Cholesterol management

S stands smoking for cessation.
What do you think? I think is easy to remember!
You can help your heart by;

Eating a healthy diet, hope you remember Mediterranean diet
Exercise regularly. CDC recommends 2 hours and 30mins every week for adults.

Quit smoking and prevent secondary exposure to Smoking

Limit alcohol consumption or stop it. 

KYFH acronyms for ‘Know your family history’ If your parents are hypertensive you should watch out.

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