Male hormone in Female can hinder Pregnancy


Male undisputedly grow hair on their chest ,abdomen, back and face but when females have excessive hair in those parts which are associated to male pattern of body hair then is referred to as Hirsutism. This must not be taken for granted. It is a medical sign pointing to certain hormonal imbalances. An increased in Androgens (male hormones) or oversensitivity of hair follicles to androgens are responsible for hursitism. Testosteone hormone is responsible for hair growth and pigmentation in male. Women with hirsutism therefore have an increased production rate of testosterone. The presence of hirsitism in female also reflects by way of an increase in her insulin level which stimulate the ovarian theca cells that produce androgens. Therefore treatments that can reduce the high insulin will be most effective for reduction of hirsutism in female. Hirsutism can affect any gender and when it does ,the term hypertrichosis comes to use. An increased level of male hormone in female is referred to as hyperandrogenism

Other male traits to signal high level of male hormones in females are presence of acne on the body, deepening of the voice and masculine body frame.

Recommendation: A visit to your specialist is required for thorough evaluation and appropriate treatment. You can speak with the site specialist too.

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