Our recent post on miscarriage mentioned diabetic mellitus as one of the causes of abortion or miscarriage. High blood sugar is also one of the major causes of infertility. It is an important subject of discussion. Type I &Type II and gestational diabetes recent rate of increase have generated a lot of global concern and fertility experts are examining it to be one of the main causes for unexplained infertility cases in couples.

According to WHO statistics in 2012, one in every 10 adults is diabetic.
The effect of diabetes in infertility is notable as it prevents women from getting pregnant and prevent women from carrying pregnancy to term by way of miscarriage or premature birth. It also affects the child in the womb if pregnancy occurs. It is seen to cause birth defects, increase in baby size leading to caesarian operation and put both mother and child at risk. Diabetes increases the glucose level in the body and causes a lot of hormonal issues. It also affect the quality of sperm in men and it is attributed as one of the major cause of retrograde ejaculation; a case where semen stocks up in the bladder without getting into the woman’s reproductive system.  It also causes erection dysfunction.
The check on the glucose is of high importance and no fertility experts will take it for granted when examining couples.

The U.S national medical library defines diabetes as a disease in which both blood glucose and blood sugar levels are too high. They further explain that glucose comes from the foods we eat while Insulin is a hormone that helps the glucose get into the cells to give energy.

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As a woman with fertility issue, it is important to control your glucose level if it is investigated to be high. Your weight also affects your sugar level. Ensure your body mass index is normal. (you can check your BMI on our homepage). Women should also cultivate the habit of doing medical check 3 months before pregnancy to ensure all risks are under control.
Some major symptoms of Type I Diabetes are: Hunger and tiredness, unexplained weight loss, vomiting, peeing more frequently, blur vision, dry mouth and itching skin. Type II Diabetes symptoms includes; Slow healing process of cut or wound, pain or numbness in your feet or leg, yeast infection: yeast thrive well where there is glucose. So having so much of it to feed on makes it multiply.
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  • Uchenna

    I enjoyed this write up. I lost my pregnancy last year because of high glucose. I will definitely observe myself before taken in again.

  • Mrs Ogunsenni

    Please can you reduce you consultation fee for me to talk to you. This was the issue with my last pregnancy. And since then no pregnancy

  • Steph

    Hi doctor, please how do I check if I really have high sugar. Do I have to taste my urine, pls respond?

  • Mirabel

    My mom died of high blood sugar 3 years ago, is it hereditary? Please I need to know.

  • Anonymous

    My recent miscarriage was caused by high blood sugar never knew I had it before then.

  • Seggy

    Whosoever formed this site will reap 100 folds of blessing, am sure is not a Nigerian, this must be abroad. is only when they talk about your problem that you will experience the feeling am having right now. .I lost my wife and baby some months ago .May be if we have been well informed it wouldn’t have happened. Thank you very much for giving us this platform.

  • Lovelyn

    I just stumbled on this site, this is absolutely different. I like this write up.

  • Segzy

    Please post my comment. I want to appreciate the doctors who put this site together. Now we can consult here. I lost my wife and baby some months ago to high blood pressure and sugar, maybe she would have still be alive today if well informed. I hope all the women will make use of this platform.

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