Do you know someone who forgets things easily? It Might Be Alzheimer’s disease!

Do you know someone who forgets things easily? It Might Be Alzheimer’s disease!

Dementia is a brain condition that causes problems with thinking and memory. There are various types of dementia and it is important to understand these so as to get the right treatment at the appropriate time. Most dementia might get out of hand over a period of time, if adequate care isn’t sought. A very common type of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer is the most common type of dementia and studies show it’s affecting close to 5 million of Americans! We shouldn’t overlook frequent forgetfulness as it is one of the symptoms of alzheimer’s disease. It progresses with frequency and later absolute memory loss. Another sign is disorganization. The affected person has problem with planning and doing routine tasks. The affected might become absentminded and also have difficulty is speaking or writing; it might start as a one off, but the frequency increases with time and deteriorate over a time. The affected person might become moody and exhibits personality changes.

This of course affects the sense of judgment as concentration switches. The affected is confused and get lost easily even on a usual route. The affected also misplaces or losses things. ‘She can’t just remember where she puts a jewelry box’ and this happens repeatedly. The affected experience social setback. Nothing motivates her again. These symptoms are classified into early, middle and late phases and it is difficult to say how long an affected person stays on a phase. But the sad thing is that affected person lives between a period of 8 to 10 years after developing the symptoms as they become more vulnerable to other illness.

If you know anyone with these symptoms, it is important she talks to the doctor who will examine her physically and mentally and refer appropriately to the specialist (neurologist, psychiatrist, psychologist ) This affects all gender and used to be frequent among elderly.

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