Unbelievable!!! Recent Study Shows Men Are More Prayerful than Women (lol)

Men Are more Religious than women!

A recent study shows that men are more religious than women! The researchers highlight the significant increase in the prevalence of obesity and hypertension among both males and female populations, with obesity being more prevalent among females.

Even the compliance to religious doctrines on fasting and or diet does not have an impact on the prevalence of obesity and hypertension, says the author. According to the researchers the ‘study was to determine the impact of religious practices and diet doctrines on obesity and hypertension among Pentecostal and orthodox Christians in the Tamale metropolis.’

The study was conducted in Tamale metropolis, Ghana with 300 Ghanaian as participants. More than half of the participants were pentecostal (50.3%) while the remaining were Orthodox (49.7%)

The age range of the study was between 18-72 years. The researchers took proper cognizance using ‘anthropometric measurements; height, weight, waist and hip circumference’. They equally measured blood pressure of each of the study participant.

It was discovered that ‘the male participants were taller, heavier with higher mean WHR as well as higher mean SBP as compared to the female participants. The females however, had broader hips as compared to the male participants’, says the author. They concluded that ‘the males were more likely to fully comply with the religious prescription on fasting (52.6% vs. 40.7%; p = 0.0397) and diet (30.8% vs. 20.4%; p = 0.0375) as compared to the female. The prevalence of obesity among the population in this study ranged from 17% to 28% on all criteria used in the weight classification (i.e. BMI, WHR and WC) and the prevalence of hypertension was 15.0% with no significant difference between both genders’ they say.

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