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One of the most common cancers affecting male is prostate cancer. It is the leading common urinary tract infection in male across all age group. The prostate is a vital component of the male reproductive system which secretes prostatic fluid needed in the semen to enhance male fertility.

It is located deep in the male body below the bladder, surrounded by the urethra and in front of the rectum. The convention means of diagnosing prostate cancer in the use of a digital rectal examination to examine the extent of the inflammation of the prostate.

It is generally believe that prostate massage therapy offers great relieve and management of prostate cancer known as prostatitis.

Erectile dysfunction
Burning ejaculation
Incessant urination
Difficulty in urinating
Painful urination
Presence of blood in urine
Back and muscular pain

Bacterial infection
Nonbacterial microorganisms
Damaged or injured nerve
Immune system disorder


Treatment is usually with medications such as antibiotics and muscle relaxants, depending on the cause. These treatments are effective for many patients, but not all.

Prostate massage
A prostate massage is a digital rectal examination done by medical doctor to examine the condition and the entire size of the prostate gland to check for lumps and other harmful signs that may cause any health problems.
The prostate massage is performed by insertion a finger under glove into the rectum of the patient with a view to press the surrounding prostate. In the event that there is an infection, the doctor will massage or rub the prostate to collect fluid known as prostatic secretion for further investigation which is aimed at determining the evidence of infection and inflammation.

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Enhancement of sexual experience
Averts the formation of prostatic fluid in the prostate
Minimization of associated discomfort of a swollen prostate
Compliment the effectiveness of antibiotics use in managing prostatitis
Enhances healthy prostate functioning
Improves and possibly sustains erection
Allows for harmless and easy urination



Possible Complications

Deteriorate acute prostatitis
Blood poisoning resulting from infection
Bleeding within the prostate
Rectal lining damage
Hemorrhoids flare-ups
Spread of prostate cancer if present before the massage

Safety tips
Minimal pressure must be applied on the prostate so as to avoid likely damage to the rectal lining.
It is also important to maintain good and proper hygiene while on the therapy to avoid infection.
The area is very sensitive, so any intervention must be carried out with caution and proper hygiene.

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