Causes of lumps behind the ear

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Lumps can happen in any parts of the body. When it occurs behind the ear, it may be an indication of a skin or bone problems and it could result from an inflamed lymph nodes.
There are generally three noncancerous causes of skin lumps which include skin cysts, lipomas and acne.
Skin Cysts
A lump can be found in any part of the skin and a lump behind the ear could be a cyst which is a fluid-filled sac. It can be moved around freely and are not stagnant. A stagnant lump requires prompt medical attention.
Lipoma behind the ear
Lipoma is harmless fatty lumps which can form behind the ear. They develop slowly and are not cancerous. They do not spread.
Lipoma is soft and painless except in cases where it presses on the nearby nerves.
It is advisable to leave the lipoma if the lump is not causing any cosmetic concern, however, in case of any concern, it can be removed through surgery.
Acne lump behind the ear

Acne is a pores formed in the skin when there is a blockage by sebum. It is common in teenagers while it can affect people of any age.
When the lump is caused by acne, it becomes painful whenever it is pressed. It is likely to be followed with other cysts and pimples on the head, especially the face. Cystic acne is an unpleasant condition that often results in scars.


High temperature
Discharge from the ear
Hearing disorder

Seeking Medical Assistance
It is advisable to seek medical attention whenever the lump stays longer than 2 weeks. More importantly, seek medical attention promptly when there is any of the following condition:
Painful and reddish lump
Lump accompanied with discharge
Sudden appearance of lump

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The diagnosis will be made following a detailed physical examination of the lump and review of the symptoms experienced by the patient.
Generally, lumps are often diagnosed through physical examination and patient history. However, imaging test may be required in severe case and biopsy to further rule out a cancerous lump.

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