Causes and management of Inverse Psoriasis

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Inverse psoriasis is a disorder of the skin associated with reddish and inflamed lesions in the skin folds of the body. The major parts of the body where it mostly occurs include the groin, under the breast, armpits etc. People who are overweight or those with tendency of being obese are more vulnerable to having this problem.

Inverse psoriasis is mostly triggered by extreme stress level. It has also been said that it is a congenital disorder. The following are some of the causes of this skin disorder:
Severe stress
Injuries that causes damage to the skin
Injections and medications such as lithium, antimalarials, Inderal, Quinidine and Indomethacin
Immune system infections especially strep infection and other complicated respiratory infections
Food allergy

Inflammation of the skin
Reddish patches on the skin

Exposure to infections which can damage the skin
Reduction of the skin thickness as a result of adverse effect of medications
Prolong use of medications often lead to emergence of stretch marks.

Seeking Medical Help
There is need to seek prompt medical attention as soon as there is an uncommon change in the skin which may be an indication of a serious medical condition or just an unserious health issue.

The diagnosis can be done after a critical physical examination of the patient has been done by the medical doctor. The lesion’s sample may be taken for further laboratory investigations to rule out other severe health condition.

Using appropriate medications to treat the underlying cause of the condition: antibiotics, anti fungi and anti inflammatory drugs may be taken as the need arises
Maintaining proper hygiene
Frequent bathing with warm water and mild soaps
Desist from using harsh soaps and hot water
Engage in stress management exercise
Stop intake of alcohol while on treatment for psoriasis
Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight
Shed weight if the need arises
Apply steroid cream on the affected part
Ultraviolet B light therapy may be recommended along with topical creams in severe condition.

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