A pathological inflammation of the pancreas-Pancreatitis

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Pancreatitis is a disorder of the organ responsible for the control of blood sugar and the secretion of enzymes that facilitate digestion of foods in the body. It is a pathological condition characterized with swelling and inflammation of the pancreas which could be acute or chronic in nature.



Consumption of alcohol
Scar tissue
Genetic diseases
Cystic fibrosis



Upper abdominal pain
Swollen abdomen
Idiopathic weight loss
Fatty stool
Abdominal tenderness
Nausea and vomiting




Available diagnostic methods include use of blood tests to measure the level of pancreatic enzymes level in the body.

Imaging tests such as ultrasound scan, MRI and CT scans can all show the size of the pancreas and also indicate if there is obstruction in the bile duct.

A fecal fat test may be ordered to know if the stools have fat content above the normal level.



Quit smoking and alcohol consumption
Consumption of diets with low-fat as healthy diet is a sine qua non for recovering from pancreatitis.
Consume more fluids to remain hydrated
Eat little quantity of meals throughout the day to reduce stress on the digestive system.
Vitamin supplements may also be prescribed to provide necessary nutrients required by the body.
Surgical intervention may be needed in case of obstructed bile ducts
Nasogastric feeding tube may be used to treat patient with chronic pancreatitis which involves the administration of nutrition and fluids through the tube or intravenously



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Possible risks and complications

Pancreatic infection
Breathing difficulty
Kidney damage
Pancreatic cancer

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