With benefits such as sexual arousal enhancement and eazy menstrual flow-Tiger nut

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With benefits such as sexual arousal enhancement and eazy menstrual flow, these nuts are fast gainning global recognitions. Common in the Northern part of Nigeria and popularly referred to as Tiger nut.They are nutritious product with high energy contents. It is also rich in minerals such as phosphorous, potassium, vitamin C and E.

Its scientific name is Cyperus esculentus, however, it is called several names zulu nut, aya, yellow grass nut, ground almond, edible rush, rush nut and, of course, tiger nut, and chufa.

Tiger nuts are of two varieties yellow and brown which can be eaten raw, dried and ground into flour, pressed to make a juice, squeezed for its heart healthy oils and used as food for hogs. Tiger nuts are generally known for having a sweet, nutty flavor which is used to flavor sweets and even ice cream.

Here are some of the health benefits of tiger nuts:
• The fiber contents in tiger nuts are high and this has the potential to prevent constipation while also acting as an appetite suppressant needed in the control of body weight. This fiber content is higher than other often-suggested sources of fiber, such as oat bran, rice bran, peaches, cabbage, pears, apple, carrots, jack beans and chia seeds.

• Tiger nuts contain lipid profile which is similar to olive oil considered to be healthy oil.
• Tiger nuts contain amino acid which help the body make metric oxide that maintain the dilation of the blood vessels and enhance the free flow of blood in the body. Nitric oxide keeps the blood vessels wide enough to keep blood flow normal while arginine has been shown to aid in conditions that are caused by restricted blood vessels, such as chest pain, clogged arteries, heart failure or disease, erectile dysfunction, muscle cramps, artery diseases not affecting the heart or the brain as well as headaches induced by inflamed blood vessels.

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• Tiger nuts are a great source of magnesium which allows mineral remain active in the body and enhances the prompt reaction of body organisms. Magnesium helps promote normal muscle and nerve function, stabilize the heart beat, support the immune functions that keep us from getting sick, regulate blood sugar, strengthen bones, keep blood pressure at healthy levels, and help us process protein.

• Cancer and heart diseases are leading cause of death in recent years; tiger nuts being a source of vitamin E protect the creation of free harmful radicals which are responsible for the death of body cells. The presence of oleic acid in Tiger nuts reduces the risk of heart diseases. Antioxidants help the body protect itself from free radicals, molecules that have an unshared electron. The unshared electron can react with oxygen to form reactive oxygen species, which are damaging to our bodies. Vitamin E protects us by inhibiting the creation of these reactive oxygen species.

• The regulation of muscle contraction which aids easy digestion is another vital benefit of tiger nuts which in turn provide the body with more potassium than banana and potato. Potassium is one of the minerals that contribute to proper cell and organ function, especially heart function. It also regulates muscle contractions, meaning it aids in digestive functions and has even been said to lower blood pressure.

• The high non soluble fibre content of Tiger nuts is capable of regulating the sugar level in the blood thereby useful in diabetes control and management.
• Tiger nuts milk is a perfect substitute of animal milk which can be easily made with some chufas to prepare vegetable milk without lactose and it is rich in calcium, vitamins C and E. Some individuals with lactose intolerance should look into drinking tiger nut milk instead.

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• Tiger Nuts are a good non-meat source of protein which helps in building bone, cartilage, muscle, blood and skin as well as functioning as a building block for enzymes, hormones and vitamins in our body. Protein also supplies us with energy to get us through the day. Protein also often goes hand-in-hand with iron, which, while important for everyone, is especially important for teenage girls and women during menstruation.

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