Why women should take things easy!

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More than it we believe, Atrial fibrillation(AF) affects women more than men says Dr. Conner A Emdin in his recent study published on BMJ. ‘’Atrial fibrillation is stronger risk factor for cardiovascular disease and death in women compared with men’’, he said. AF is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease globally and a study observed in 2010 that it constituted 1.7% of every 100,000 death cases.

emobile ad newAF is associated with an increased risk of stroke and death in men and women. Although the role of sex isn’t clear in AF but there are various reactions to risk factors of AF by men and women. For instance, smoking and diabetes are strong risk factors for women as shown in a study. Based on this, the researchers were up to find out the association between AF and cardiovascular disease, death in women and men and compared the sex effects. The author believes that this will help ‘’future research into causes of sex differences’’ in AF.

The author gathered 4,371,714 participants in the study and Atrial fibrillation was associated with higher risk of all cause of mortality in women and also higher significantly was stroke, cardiovascular mortality, cardiac events, and heart failure. The author said the result was ‘’broadly consistent in sensitivity analyses’’

This is why I think women should take things easy. In those olden days men died before their wives but this is gradually changing. Don’t you feel so?

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  • Mrs Adedeji

    My father died leaving my mother behind, my husband died leaving me behind, I think that is the way is supposed to be. Women of this age want to be man. So this is meant to happen.

  • Linda

    I think the stress women pass through this present day can’t be compared to the past,we also don’t want to be housewives,but I think we will bear this in mind.Our frame wasn’t made to carry heavy burden.

  • Bukola

    The stress is much on women these days,men of nowadays don’t want a liability, so this is bound to happen.But women of the past work in the farm which I will equate to adequate exercise. Am suggesting that women should find a sport or exercise that that help to sweat it out.

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