The Doctor Examined her, Said It Was a Placental Abruption. Please is This Life Threatening?

My wife is 34 weeks pregnant and she started spouting last nite, by this morning, blood was all over the bed. I took her to the clinic and the doctor after examined her said it was a placental abruption. Please is this life threatening? He said the baby heart beat has dropped and I had to sign for ceasearian section. Will my baby make it?

Abruptio placenta is an obstetric emergency ie a life threatening event to the fetus and / or the mother. At 34 weeks and with the clinical presentation highlighted will require an emergency caesarean section to have a chance to a good foetal outcome.

Complication which may follow abruptio placenta include postpartum hemorrhage (bleeding following delivery of the baby), renal failure, disseminated intravascular coagulopathy (failure of the blood clotting system), pulmonary oedema (wet lungs which is a complication of the respiratory systems affecting the lungs), etc. There may be a need to transfuse with blood and monitor urine output closely.
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