Scientists said they can get human sperm from Mouse- leading to a process that can solve Male Infertility

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Reproducing germ cell development in vitro has remained a central goal in both reproductive biology and reproductive medicine. If this research is well established this could be a lasting solution to male infertility. ‘’Our findings could facilitate the generation of haploid human spermatids in vitro with the prospect of treating male infertility’’ said the lead author. Their research simply converts mouse embryonic sterm cells into a sperm-like cell which was injected into the egg cells to form embryos.

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They made use of systematic procedures which at the end of the day resulted into healthy fertile offspring through the use of ICSI with in vitro-derived SLCs . The researchers said their procedures led to successfully generation of ESC-derived spermatids in vitro‘’. The research created a made believe natural tissue environment for precursor germ cells by exposing them to sex hormones including follicle- stimulating hormone and testosterone. The sperm-like cell result was injected into the egg cells and the embryo was transferred into the female mice. ‘’Upon co-culture with neonatal testicular somatic cells and sequential exposure to morphine and sex hormone ESC-derived PGCLCs recapitulate male gametogenesis in vitro, reproducing hallmarks of erasure of imprints, synapsis, and recombination’’, they said.

This research shows a careful procedure which can guarantee success in IVF procedures. Commenting on this the researchers said the study shows a ‘’complete in vitro melosis from murine ESC derived PGCLCs, resulting in the formation of male spermatid –like cells (SLCs) capable of producing viable fertile offspring via intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

The lead author noted that ‘’15% of couples are infertile and many of them have gametogenesis failure’’ therefore ‘’effective production of functional gametes in culture would provide a system to investigate the genetic, epigenetic and environmental factors to clinical approaches addressing infertility resulting from defects in gametogenesis’’.


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