Paralysis of the stomach muscles-Gastroparesis


Gastroparesis is the paralysis of the stomach muscles and this prevents or delays the stomach from emptying its contents into the small intestine. The causative factor may affect the stomach nerve supply to the muscle or the muscle itself.


Diabetes (Type I or II)
Anorexia nervosa
Nerve or muscle damaged or muscle due to surgery or other trauma
Thyroid disorders
Post-viral syndrome


Feeling ‘full’ after small meals
Unintentional loss of weight


It can be done through:
A gastric emptying study uses radioactive material to monitor the flow of the stomach contents. It is useful in differentiating if the gastroparesis is also affecting the small intestine.
An endoscopy may also be useful to verify that there is no obstruction by a tumor in the stomach or intestines.


Take nutritional liquid or semi-solid diet.
Reduce or avoid intake of fatty within the diet
Do away with alcohol as it may further aggravate the delayed gastric emptying.

Home Remedies and OTC Drugs

Seek professional medical assistance. Immediately consult with your medical practitioner if you suspect that you may be suffering with gastroparesis.


It involves a combination of dietary changes, drugs, electromechanical devices or surgery.


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