Introducing Daily Fiber In your children diet will reduce Breast Cancer Risk

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Introducing daily fiber in your children food will help to reduce the risk of breast cancer. The importance of fiber consumption has been identified over time and this new information is definitely well established by our accessment of the new study on the subject matter . 

Several biological mechanisms support the beneficial role of dietary fiber on preventing breast cancer(BC)  . A study has previously reported that fiber may reduce BC risk through improving insulin sensitivity, and decreasing insulin-like growth factors. ” Furthermore, dietary fiber may decrease plasma levels of estrogen by inhibiting colonic β-d-glucuronidase activity, resulting in decreased deconjugation and reabsorption of estrogen and thereby increased fecal excretion” 

Maryam Farvid , the lead researcher of the study revealed that the outcome of their findings ” support the hypothesis that higher fiber intakes reduce BC risk and suggests that intake during adolescence and early adulthood may be particularly important ” The study which examined  the diet of over 90,000 premonopausal women and the diet pattern of 44,262 women during high school , says the association between fiber were apparent for most sources of fiber ‘ independent of other dietary factors and healthy eating behavior’

The study is unique for back examining the diet of these grown adults and their  childhood consumption of fiber, thereby shedding more light to previous study by establishing the risk reduction of breast cancer in fiber eaters. 1118 cases of breast cancer were reported  at the end of the Study . The remaining women without breast cancer had their diet high in fiber. The researchers also discovered that the higher the fiber the lower the risk of breast cancer. According to the research, each fiber daily intake of 10g reduces the risk by 13%. The effect of Fibre was also noticed on those who consumed it till adulthood. ” High fiber intake during adulthood was associated with lower risk of perimonopausal ” and this benefit was also  observed with the adolescents who consumed high fiber .

The researchers also find positive  association between consumption of red meat and breast cancer as reported in previous study. According to them  ” we observed a positive association between red meat and animal fat intake and BC risk, but we found no appreciable difference in the results when additionally adjusted for them, suggesting that other dietary factors are not a plausible explanation of the inverse associations observed with fiber intake”,they said.



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