‘Doctor should stop saying toilet disease isn’t sexually transmitted.’

‘Doctor should stop saying Toilet Disease isn’t Sexually transmitted’

  Question:I am not the type that sits on dirty toilets, I clean my toilet regularly. So regular that I can clean three times each time before I use the toilet, I don’t share toilet outside so whenever I have vaginal itching I cannot but wonder what went wrong? This itching comes with discharge that has a fishy smell and my vagina will swell up. I will say to myself ‘ my vagina is sick and needs urgent attention’.

Those vaginal tabs and creams do work for me and by the 3rd day, I will feel better. The recent one am having presently leave me with no options than to say doctor should stop saying toilet disease isn’t sexually transmitted. I cannot but feel my partner slept with someone that has the infection. The sex during this time is enjoyable as the penis helps with the itching but this particular sex is painful.


This is a women’s infection and about 75% of women have experienced this, some will still do if they have not and some will have to experience it over and over again. It is called yeast infection which isn’t too serious once it’s treated promptly. The major symptoms are itching, burning, discharge that smells. Vagina is the home of several kind of bacteria. More than one type of yeast live on the surface of the vagina and these yeast can cause infection by overthrowing others. Candida albicans is responsible for most vaginal infections. The infection thrives in moist places.

A yeast infection is not considered a sexually transmitted disease, but men can get it from female. About 15% of men whose women have it will get infected through her. The symptoms of yeast infection like vaginal itching, burning, and discharge are also symptoms of some STDs. That is why you should visit the hospital with your spouse if you feel otherwise.

Other infections that resembles yeast are;

Bacterial vaginosis: which live in the vagina and can grow, symptoms are a discharge with pain while unirating and with a fishy smell.

Trichomoniasis which is caused by parasite can spread by sex with itching, burning, and foul smell green discharge combine with swelling of the labia, redness.

It is important to say that sexually transmitted disease like gonorrhea and herpes can have symptoms like yeast infection and this STD can also cause painful intercourse or redness or swelling of the labia.




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