Causes and Treatment of Pimples on the breast

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A recurring pimple on the breast is a great concern for any one experiencing this condition. While it is quite normal for teenagers, both boys and girls to have breast pimples, it is also not abnormal to have pimples during menstrual period as well as during pregnancy in most women which are caused by hormonal changes and stress, however, when a black pimple appears on the breast could be a signal of worrisome conditions such as cancer or even a skin problem.
Pimples are generally caused by blockage of skin pores by dirt and sweat. Other causes are:
Hormones and pimples during pregnancy and menstrual cycle: during menstrual period and pregnancy, there is usually some changes in the hormonal system leading to excessive production of sebum on the skin causing blockage of pores on the skin and subsequently pimples on the breast skin.
Chest acne breakouts: this occurs as a result of putting on tight clothing on a skin that is susceptible to acne. Acne breakouts may also be caused by impaired kidney and liver functions. When toxins are released into the body, they trigger acne breakouts and zits on breasts.
Tight bras cause acne mechanica: this is common to sport women, some of the following factors skin friction, pressure on the skin as a result of wearing tight fitting bras and excessive heat on the skin owing to tight clothing.
Cancer black pimple: where there is a tiny lump that appears like itchy pimple, if left untreated may lead to cancerous growth. It is advisable to see a doctor when there is a breast cyst or a pus-filled pimple on your boobs followed by pain. avoid popping it or scratching it.
Medications and breast acne: some drugs have acne as their side effects, it is not impossible to have acne breakouts not only under breast or chest area but also on other parts that are prone to breakouts.
Diet with dairy products and fatty foods: there are some fatty foods and dairy products ashave been identified as worst foods for skin because they cause pimples. It is instructive to avoid coffee, soy, bread or refined carbs, coconut oil, peanuts, sugar, fried foods as well as greasy foods and chocolates. Do not these foods if there is recurring breakouts of pimples on the breast area.
Breastfeeding acne zits: it is expected that shortly after delivery by a pregnant woman, there hormones will take time to adjust to the body new status; it is this imbalance nature of the hormone that causes pimple spots on the body.
Breast pimples can manifest on different ways and they can mean something that you might not be paying attention to. Some people get a pimple under breast, on the breast bone area, etc. Some of them will hurt or feel painful or sore to touch, may bleed or feel hard. Let’s find out what they mean.

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Prevention of pimples

Having a healthy hygiene and care can help get rid and prevent pimples and acne breakouts. Mostly, the accumulation of sweat and dirt as well as oil in the skin pores around the chest area causes pimple breakouts, blackheads and whiteheads, proper hygiene can help eliminate the acne. In addition to proper hygiene, the following measures could also help:

Do nut tightly fitting bras

Ensure you clean the skin properly to remove pores on your skin. This can prevent pimples from forming.

In case of infected and inflamed pimple on breast, using aloe vera will be effective in treating it.

You can also use ice to reduce inflammation on your pimples.

You can use garlic or tea tree oil to get rid of pimples under breasts.


Use of medications
Salicylic acid which serves as an exfoliation agent
Use of oral antibiotics in cases of severe acne on breast, chest, back and even face.

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