Blacks’ risk of kidney disease found higher than the whites

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Blacks are found to be more prone to kidney disease in a recent studies by researchers from John Hopkins University. In addition to this blacks are found to develop higher risk of blood pressure, diabetes and Kidney failure when compared to the Whites.

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The researchers also found that the the kidney functionalities were not influenced by APOL1 variants as the same results were found among blacks with APOL1 and those without it.
The reasons for these variants were not established in the study that observed 15,140 blacks and whites for 25ears. The research was dominated with whites which constituted 75.3% of the study population. That notwithstanding, the 21.5% blacks when adjusted for differences in demographics, adverse health events: acute kidney injury, kidney failure, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hospitalization, and death had higher risk ; however, socioeconomic status, had a higher risk for hypertension, diabetes, and kidney failure only.

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Dr Gram believed that their study was ” well suited at assessing a fairly comprehensive set of outcomes among people with the high-risk genotype.”
“We found great variability in kidney function trajectory, such that most African Americans with the high-risk genotype experienced similar decline as African Americans with the low-risk genotype,” said Dr. Grams. “We did find pervasive racial disparities in adverse health outcomes not explained by the APOL1 risk variants, which suggests that interventions to improve health and health outcomes in African Americans are needed, ” said Dr. Morgan Grams, an assistant professor of medicine at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Hopkins.


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