It is more common among women, men who receive anal intercourse- Anal cancer

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Anal cancer occurs in the anus. It is very different from colorectal cancer, which is much more common. Anal cancer is a lump which is created by the abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells in the anus. It is rare in occurrence; however, reports suggest that the incidence of this type of cancer is rising.
Most anal cancer patients are diagnosed in their early 60s. Anal cancer is more common among women, men who receive anal intercourse, and people with weakened immune systems. Experts say that anal cancer is closely associated with some HPV (human papilloma virus) strains.

Causes/Risk factors

HPV (human papilloma virus)
Multiple sexual partners with likely history of HPV
Receptive intercourse through the anus
Other cancers – women who have had vaginal or cervical cancer, and men who have had penile cancer are at higher risk of developing anal cancer
Age – the older somebody is the higher is his/her risk of developing anal cancer. In fact, this is the case with most cancers.
Weakened immune system – people with a weakened immune system have a higher risk of developing anal cancer. This may include people with HIV/AIDS, patients who have had transplants and are taking immunosuppressant medications,Smokers ,those with
IBD (irritable bowel disease), hemorrhoids, fistulae or cicatrices.


Rectal bleeding
Anal Pain
Presence of lumps around the anus
Mucus discharge from the anus
Itching of the anus
Bowel movements change like include diarrhea, constipation, or thinning of stools
Fecal incontinence
Lower back pain as the tumor exerts pressure on the vagina
Vaginal dryness


Radiation therapy


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