A condition which restricts the movement of the fingers -Trigger Finger

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Trigger finger is a condition which restricts the movement of the fingers as result of swelling in the tendons of the hands leading to tenderness, pain and deformity. It also makes the straightening of the finger difficult.



Finger base tenderness
Recurring soreness in the thumb or finger’s base
Lump within the base of the finger close to the palm
Stiffness in the affected finger
Difficulty in curling the finger



There are several bones in the finger which are connected to the muscles by the tendons. The contraction of the muscles enables the bones to move the fingers. When there is a slide in the flexor tendons which is the longest tendon extending from the forearms muscle to the hands. Flexor tendons move through a flexor tendon sheath which expands and compress at different times. Whenever there is compression of the flexor tendon sheath, it hinders or impedes the movement of the tendon leading to trigger finger.

Risk factors for developing trigger finger
The risk of developing trigger finger is high in women than in men. Other presdisposing factors are people with diabetes, tuberculosis, hypothyroidism, rheumatoid arthritis. Occupation or activities that involve straining the hands continuosly as well as those being in the ages of 40 and 60 may also increase the risk of trigger finger.


Physical examination is needed in diagnosing this condition after having a little information about ones medical history. The doctor will examine how the fingers bend and the opening and closure of the hand.

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Using anti-inflammatory medications
Abstain from physical activities that strain the hand for about 2 month
Using splint to limit movement of the finger and rest the hand
Using heat or ice to bring down the inflammation
Using warm water to relieve the tendons and muscles of the hand
Stretching the fingers gently to enhance motion range
Intake of steroid injections
Surgical intervention involving the cutting of a small flesh in the palm to tightened the tendon sheath

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