Gynecological Risks of Skin bleaching

Females hate the word ‘skin bleaching’ and would rather prefer the terms ‘skin lightening’ or ‘skin whitening’ All these terms according to Wikipedia are still skin bleaching. It is often described as the use of chemical substances to lighten, skin tone, skin brighten or to provide an even skin complexion. This is done by reducing the Melanin concentration in the skin. Some skin care beauticians have argued that there are differences between skin lightening and skin brightening. They agreed that both share some similarities but they are obviously different. They based their points on the physical outcome or body reactions to various chemicals. ‘Skin lightening is deeper and more involved way of skin care. it is a complete change in skin pigmentation.( A return of the skin to its original complexion before it was affected by climatic and other environmental factors) ‘said a skin care beautician. while skin brightener is a mild form of skin lightening and the process does not go as far as skin lightening.

They believe that the chemical components in production of the creams for both lightening and brightening are not the same as lightening cream contains harsh chemicals. In there expression, every one needs a skin brightening (for a healthy skin) but skin lightening is optional. The skin specialists (dermatologist) however have warned against the use of bleaching chemicals on the skin. According to Hadid Hakim, the recent skin cancer rate has increased from 1- 5% in places like Senegal. Some women go as far as injecting hydroquinone and glutathione into their body. The peeling of the the skin in a manner like a potato is referred to as Lyell Syndrome. One of the emobileclinic gynaecologist has warned in an interview on the subject matter . According to him, a skin that is bleached has poor healing process. This type of skin does not do well after surgery as healing may takes several months. This can give rooms for infections of the affected area if adequate care is not taken. I believe this was what the late popular musician- HARUNA Ishola meant in his song.

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