Worms inside Lip tea; Unilever clears the rumor

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The news have been hitting the roof for some days about worms inside Lip tea and this issue was addressed in a press release by Unilever debunking this as a baseless rumor.

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According to the press  release, ” Lipton confirms that this information is wrong. As shown in the video, Lipton Lemon green tea lemon flavor particles, brown in color and curved should not be mistaken for foreign matters. ” they said. It is a part of the flavor particles which will dissolve in hot water, they said.

Confirming the reliability and healthiness of Liptea, the food Health Inspection Department of Dubai Municipality equally said the quality in the production and processes is thorough  and ” excluded the possibility of any foreign matters”

emobile ad new” We also welcome a check by other authorities of Lipton tea bag samples to further corroborate the same. Lipton invests seriously into its quality and production processes to ensure we deliver the best product to our consumers. ”  said Unilever spokesperson.

The rumor circulating was considered to be un truth and unprofessional. Unilever is a trusted brand and  The Lipton Jebel Ali Factory is ”Unilever’s second largest tea manufacturing plant in the world utilizes state-of-art machinery, and employs rigorous quality control processes and standards. It has received a number of certifications and international recognition for its quality standards and consumer safety including the prestigious Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum (MRM) Business Award in 2008 & 2014 for its performance and operations.”  they reported. 

” It is thus with great confidence that we can state that it is impossible for a foreign body of any nature to enter a Lipton tea bag during production or storing process, ” they assured. 

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